Wisconsin: Cheese State.  Say Cheese: wear America's Dairyland
Wisconsin: Cheese State.  Say Cheese: wear America's Dairyland view in women's view in kids
Wisconsin Fun FactDid you know that you need a license in Wisconsin to make cheese?

Wisconsin is the only state that requires a licensed cheesemaker to be present in the manufacture of every vat of cheese produced in the state. As a result Wisconsin boasts over 1,200 licensed cheesemakers, who must undergo years of training and apprenticeship to earn their certification.

"America's Dairyland" isn't just a slogan on a license plate. Wisconsin has the most stringent standards for cheesemaking and dairy product quality in the nation. Cheese ranks as the state's largest agricultural export by far, with over 90% of the state's milk production leaving the state as cheese.

Wisconsin's cheese heritage dates back over 160 years. Early settlers included many master cheesemakers from Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, France and elsewhere. They found Wisconsin's climate and superior milk to be an ideal combination for replicating the traditional cheeses of Europe in America. Their tradition of excellence continues as Wisconsin's cheese artisans win more International and U.S. Cheesemaking awards every year than any other state or country on the planet.

Wisconsin: Cheese

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The 16,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin produce 23 billion pounds of milk a year. 90% of it becomes one of the 350 varieties of cheese manufactured in the state.

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Wisconsin: Cheese State.  Say Cheese: wear America's Dairyland
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